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Our Dishes

Here are some of the best selling dishes we make.

About Us
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Mission Statement

At Phat Girlz A Cookin' we strive to prepare delicious home cooked meals and comfort food for our clients. We have also committed ourselves to our community by sourcing from local vendors and farms, and providing low cost and free meals to those that are unable to pay through a suspended check system. 

About Us

Phat Girlz A Cookin' was formed as an LLC in February of 2017 in the state of Pennsylvania. Cheyanne Bronzell is the sole owner. Phat Girlz A Cookin' is a personal chef and catering company servicing the Pittsburgh area. Our product offering includes family style meals that are classified as Southern Soul Food with a variety of options including fish, chicken, shrimp and a host of side items. Currently, our clientele consist of the general public and contracted clients. 

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More About Us

Currently, we work in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area, including the Hill District, the Southside, East Liberty, downtown, and the surrounding areas. We have participated in Juneteenth, La Dorita, the Legacy Leader event, the Roundtable event for Urban Innovation, the Black History Month event, and the TV show for Classic Events, August Wilson's birthday party, and many others. We are currently in the process of moving our operations to the Fulton Commons shared kitchen space.

In addition to catering, we have several business concept in development. Our catering income will fund a food truck to the homeless community, a store front and a suspended pay system. Catering is our foundation but will ultimately allow us to provide charity services to individuals who need our products the most.

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Our Items
Our Items

A list of all the items that we make and are worth trying.

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